Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Amazing Grace

God's grace is truly amazing. Does that give us a license to sin? No way! There is a fine line between being legalistic and living in God's grace. I believe that if one is truly saved, and has experienced the life changing power of God, they will not want to sin. If we truly love God, we should want to be Holy, just as He is Holy. Will we slip up and sin? Yes, and that is when grace comes in to play. We do not need to feel condemnation. We can ask God's forgiveness and fall under His grace. The problem is, in many congregations today we are preaching grace, grace, God's grace and failing to mention sin and the need for Salvation. We fail to mention that one must be born again to receive God's grace. Therefore many a pew are filled with unsaved people being told of God's grace week after week and never being presented with the message of salvation. The "feel good" messages and the "motivational speaking" found in many pulpits do not force the sinner and the unsaved to recognize their sin, realizing their need for a Saviour.

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