Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I woke up this morning thinking of that word. What does unity mean? Webster's defines it as a state of harmony, continuity without deviation or change (as in purpose or action). Will there ever be unity in the Christian church? No, I do not believe so, but let me say that I do believe there will be remnant of believers who will be like minded and in one accord. It is so sad to me that the church in America spends it's time arguing over doctrinal theology instead of focusing on the great commission. We were all called to be "fishers of men". We all were called to spread the good news, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our # 1 priority should be SOUL WINNING! JESUS IS COMING BACK SOON AND WE NEED TO SPREAD THE GOSPEL TO A LOST AND DYING WORLD! The Christian church in the U.S. thinks it is doing well when the attendance #'s are high. Never mind that no one is getting saved and many pulpits don't even mention the gospel Sunday after Sunday. Many don't want to confront sin. What are we doing to reach the countless #'s that will not step foot in to the church building? Well, you say, we have Christian television. Yes that can be a good thing, but the majority of it is pastors promising you the blessings of God if you send in an offering. Many telling you to serve God and He will make you rich. Does God want to prosper us ? YES! Certainly! But should that be what draws sinners to Christ? No! I believe in order to be truly converted one must be aware of his or her inherent wickedness and need for a savior, not a big bank account. Why is sin a taboo word in many pulpits? Lat's face it folks, that is why Jesus Died for us. WE ARE ALL SINNERS. I believe there is a remnant that will not compromise, will not be shaken, will not conform to this world. A remnant of believers that will stand for righteousness no matter what the cost. No matter what Hollywood, Oprah, or Dr. Phil says. If the Bible doesn't say it, it isn't true. If God said it will happen, it will. Jesus did not call us to be tolerant, but to stand for righteousness. It is in this group of believers that there will be unity. our lives and the way we live them need to be a light to a lost and dying world. We should be different. We should tell everyone we can about Jesus. We can not expect that they will come to church on Sunday to hear it. We must focus on SOULS !

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Pirate said...

We are all sinners and we will all experience judgement. I walk my reltionship with the lord with a bible in one hand a mirror in the other. i leave the judging up to God. It is way above my pay scale.

I find hitting people over the head with the Lord's word only makes the reciever close their eyes and ears in pain.