Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Concerning Israel And Lebanon

The Following was written by Hal Lindsey

The Myth of ''Measured Response''

With illegal attacks across Israel’s internationally recognized borders, hostage taking of soldiers and a relentlessly raining of rockets and missiles upon Israel’s major cities, the Israeli Defense Forces have finally sprung into action. This is after months of “restraint” that world leaders are now calling upon them to use. The time for “restraint” has long passed, as I will demonstrate.

It is because of Israel’s compromise, appeasement and restraint that Hamas, Hizbollah and their true masters, Iran and Syria, have come to believe that “now” is the time to attack and destroy Israel.

Every time Israel unilaterally gave “land for peace”, as in Southern Lebanon and Gaza, the terrorist claimed it as their victory. Hamas used this claim to get elected by popular vote in the West Bank and Gaza. Hezbollah has used the same claim to move in a massive force that is now more powerful than the Lebanon’s army.

Every compromise that Israel has made to make peace with the Palestinians and the surrounding Muslim nations has been rewarded with more terrorism.

The de-facto rulers – Hamas in Gaza and the West Bank and Hizbollah in Lebanon have sworn to destroy the “Zionist Entity” (refusing even to call Israel a State). In fact their founding charter proclaims that their basis for existence is to destroy Israel. They have built up a formidable arsenal of rockets and missiles. They have smuggled in a trained and well-equipped army. Over recent weeks, they have launched ever-increasing numbers of more lethal rockets and missiles with greater range.

Hamas has hit the major fuel port of Ashkelon. Hizbollah has now repeatedly hit the third largest city in Israel, Haifa, killing and wounding many civilians. They have hit another major city, Tiberius, several times and caused serious damage and casualties. The leader of Hizbollah also has warned that he can hit Israel with chemical and biological warheads that can reach Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

The real leaders and suppliers of these terrorists, Iran and Syria, have warned that if Israel hits Syria, they will cause “unimaginable destruction to fall upon the ‘Zionist Entity’.”

As I have repeatedly warned on many occasions, the West, particularly the United States leaders, do not understand Fundamental Islam – which is according to the Koran and Islamic history, the only true expression of Islam. Based on these same founding documents, the so-called “Moderate Muslims” are labeled “apostates” by the Fundamentalists of both the Shi’ite Ayatollahs of Iran and the Sunni followers of Wahhabism.

It is time for the world to wake up. And I pray especially for our President and his cabinet to open their eyes to reality. Muslims only understand one language, “overwhelming power and the will to use it.” Fundamental Islam views kindness, compromise and appeasement as weakness and a failing of will to fight to survive. They see it as a sign that it is time to move in for the kill.

There is an even larger issue here. I believe that God gave Israel a miraculous victory in the Six Day War of June 1967. God gave Israel back the land that He had promised them as an everlasting possession. He did this at just the time He promised – in the “latter days” when He began to bring them back from their Second Dispersion.

Then, rather than believe their own Bible, Israeli leaders began to succumb to world pressure, rather than believe God’s promises. Piece by piece, Israeli leaders gave the Muslim usurpers, who were bent upon destroying them, land that God had miraculously restored to them.

It is important to note that every Israeli leader that was responsible for this met with tragic ends. Menachem Begin, who gave away the Sinai, resigned in disgrace in 1983, dying in seclusion in 1992.

Yitzhak Rabin, who was responsible for setting in motion the most disastrous compromise of faith of all –the Oslo Accord –, was assassinated.

The former great general, Ariel Sharon, betrayed the Jewish settlers in Gaza that he had encouraged to move there and gave Gaza away. He suffered a catastrophic stroke from which he will not recover.

Israel is now in the most dangerous position it has been since the founding of the State. I believe it is because they have tried to make peace with an enemy that openly declares their ultimate goal is the destruction of Israel.

And more importantly, I believe all this disaster is happening because Israelites have not believed and followed their own prophets.

The God of Israel, in sovereign grace, has sworn that this State that has been miraculously restored from the predicted second worldwide dispersion will never be totally destroyed again. But God does warn that Israel will go through terrible tribulation before the Messiah comes and fulfills His unconditional covenants with a believing remnant of Israelites. And this predicted tribulation is to sift out the true believers in Israel from those who don’t believe.

I fear for my country and its leaders. If we continue to push Israel to give away land and accept a two-state solution that any sane person can see will never work, God will judge the United States. We will fall overnight when God’s judgment comes. God has sworn concerning Abraham’s descendents, “I bless those who bless you, and the one who curses you I will curse.” That Divine oath has never been rescinded. The rise and fall of nations and empires can be traced to God keeping this oath.

United States must not fall in with the other world leaders and demand that Israel give only a “measured and balanced response” to the unprovoked atrocities Iran, Syria and their surrogates, Hamas and Hizbollah, have brought upon Israel. If Israel does not totally destroy these terrorist organizations now, they will face endless violence and suffering.

May the God of Israel and the true Messiah, the Lord Jesus, defend Israel and open the eyes of many – both Christians and Israelites.

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