Sunday, July 09, 2006

God Loves Quitters


By Sean Dietrich

I used to try and try and try. When I first began following Jesus, I would try and try to do the things that were said in the bible. I would desperately try to do the things that my other brothers and sisters told me I should be doing. I tried to follow a strict set of moral guidelines, and I always came up short! Nothing worked. I read more books, prayed more prayers and things never panned out for me. I can tell you, I felt like Paul felt when he said, "Woe is me."

I remember coming home one day from a worship service on a Sunday afternoon. I opened up my front door and fell face forward on my couch and just cried. Nothing was happening in my spiritual life at all at the time. I was dry. It was that simple. This was unacceptable for me. I was a music minister. I was supposed to be an example! However, the self-imposed burden of full-time ministry did nothing to push me into this flawless life of following Jesus. I was hopeless. The more I tried the more I failed.

How did I plan on solving my problem? By trying harder of course! The only conclusion I could come to in my all failings, was that I was slacking. After all, Jesus said if we love him we would keep his commandments. So what does that really mean?


Jesus said if we love him, we would obey his teaching.

Before I shed my "works" mentality, I used to envision Jesus saying this in an irritated state. I really believed that Jesus was actually saying: "The more you do for me, the more you will prove your love for me." But then I had a revelation. I can't explain how it happened, and I can't detail the exact process of events that led up to it. But what brand new life it brought!

All at once, Jesus revealed to me that if I sought the love found in him instead of seeking the commandments, I would end up keeping obeying his teachings without even trying. I began to see that Jesus' statement was actually a promise! Jesus was telling me that if I would just learn to love with him, the commandments would wind up be kept. He was promising it to me. What a promise.

I can remember finally getting it. I am referring to the moment when I finally had a revelation of his love. It was something I had yearned for in the deepest chambers of my heart for so long. Suddenly all the years of work that Jesus had been doing inside me began to show up externally. I was giving up my own efforts and resting in the total love he had for me.


I remember vocalizing out-loud to God, "Lord, I give up." It felt so good giving up too! What freedom! I could finally see that he never really expected me to "try" and live the perfect life to begin with. Instead, he wanted me to "love" him, and "abide" in him. He would take care of all the rest if I would just learn to love and trust him. The pressure is off!

It's different for everyone, and I am not prescribing a method that promises revelation. All I know is that when I gave up, Jesus came through.

The beautiful thing for me is: the more I willingly give up, the more fruit he produces through me. All of the sudden I'm living on the pages of the bible. I was now free from the law of sin and death! Not just intellectually free. Really free! Now I too finally experience the awesome life found in the New Testament. It's an amazingly beautiful way to live.

I can definitely live life this way. Thanks Jesus.
AMEN to that! WOW! I could not have said it any better myself. I thank God that I "got it" too. Everything Sean said is sooo true! We have to "Let Go and Let God". I know in my life, another thing that really brought about change, was when I learned to worship. I mean really worship, not just "lip service". We are to worship God just because He is God. He is an awesome God. He created us to worship Him! He deserves all the praise, honor and Glory! It is all about Him!
A Little Bit About Sean Dietrich...
Sean visited my blog and left me a link to his site. Sean is, in my opinion, a very talented and gifted musician. His music is very anointed by God. All of his music is on his site and available to listen and download for FREE. What a blessing! He also has some wonderful articles and a newsletter which you can sign up for. "God Loves Quitters" was from his recent newsletter. I encourage evryone to check it out here. Thanks Sean for the great writing and sincere honesty! As soon as I read "God Loves Quitters", I told my husband I just had to post it on my blog because it summed it all up so perfectly. Someone else had experienced exactly what my husband and I had experienced. True Life in Jesus! Thank You Jesus!

So please, check out his site and his music. I promise, you will be blessed!

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MeowMixx said...

That is awesome, thanks for sharing! I had a similar revelation through a women's retreat but they called it surrendering, not quitting, but it conveyed the same thing. :) Amen and amen! :)

Dawn D. said...

I think you just described how Iam feeling most days! I feel like Iam not doing enough. Here lately I have been missing church, for variuos reasons. I feel like someone, is trying to purposely ruin my chance of being close to God. I pray but sometimes I feel the prayers are not what they should be. I want so much to live the life God wants me to and have a closer relationship, but I almost feel like Iam not enough, I know I shouldn't but I do. Iam so grateful that I have this opportunity to share this with you. I feel like it is some dark secret I have been keeping from the world. Constantly I worry about Deck and his salvation, I feel powerless. How can I love him so much and not make him undestand what he should. I pray all the time for conviction, it is like I am constantly looking for understanding of why I am still a sinner. I know we all sin, and I do repent. But, then Iam still committing sins. Iam frustrated, I just want to cry all the time. I know Iam not,but I can not help but feel like Iam missing out in so many spiritual ways! It has really been bothering me lately? What do you suggest I do. I know I should have called and talked to you, but I somehow feel better writing what Iam feeling. I hope you are not dissapointed in me, but I have to admit, Iam somewhat in myself. I guess I thought after I was saved everyhting would just fall in to place. Please pray for me!! I can't wait for the day when I receive a revelation, maybe I just need to listen more carefully. What do you think?? I love you and thank you for the guidance you give me with your blogs, I strive to be an example as you are!!
Love and God bless,