Monday, November 13, 2006

More One Thousand Gifts!!

Here is more of my One Thousand Gifts list. What a great idea started by Ann Voskamp at Christian Women Online
81. cold mornings under the covers with my daughter
82. bonfires with friends on a cold night
83. roasted marshmallows
84. chocolate and graham crackers to go with the perfectly toasted marshmallow!
85. watching my husband try to be young again by playing football with teenagers
86. reaching the end of the dirty clothes pile!
87. going in to wake my deep sleeping 12 year old for school
88. hot coffee on a cold morning
89. late nights chatting with dear friends
90. hearing my nephew talk, he has such a sweet voice, makes me melt!
91. holding a newborn baby
92. sweet ripe tomatoes
93. my son carrying his winnie the pooh pillow through the house!(it has been attached to him since he was old enough to carry it, I joke and ask him if he will carry it at his wedding!)
94. long hot showers
95. my favorite scented soap
96. hot biscuits with butter
97. the sound of children laughing
98. unlimited night and weekend minutes on my cell phone!
99. looking up at the stars on a cool clear night
100. garlic presses (love it and hate to chop it!)

1 comment:

Vicki said...

I'm enjoying reading everyone's collection of 1000 gifts. Thank you! I love holding a newborn baby....especially since I have a new grandbaby:-)

Be blessed,