Saturday, December 09, 2006

More One Thousand Gifts

So much to be thankful for when you really think about it. I am thankful to be so blessed in so many ways.

151. Sitting around the freshly decorated tree with the children, talking about which ornament is our favorite.
152. The many memories brought about by looking at ornaments from years gone by
153. big, fat old fashioned Christmas lights
154. the look on my daughter's face when she looks at the lit up tree
154. children's' laughter
155. family time
156. using the easy bake oven with my daughter
157. tree swings
158. long, hot baths
189. Christmas cookies
160. glue sticks
161. lots of white Christmas lights
162. my favorite, great big frying pan
163. help in the kitchen!
164. an extra few minutes under the covers on a cold morning
165. talking to my sister
166. wrapping presents
167. Peace and quiet!
168. finished school work!
169. friends that are like family
170. the sound of rain falling
171. sunny days!
172. warm bathrobes
172. Christmas cards from old friends
173. decorating the house for Christmas
173. great movies!
174. crayons
175. a trustworthy mechanic

One Thousand seems so far away!

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