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A Swedish pastor in his seventies received a prison sentence for preaching against homosexuality in his church, before the Supreme Court finally overruled the conviction?

A Vancouver, Canada man was found guilty of hate speech and fined by the court for placing a newspaper ad that cited scripture references against homosexuality coupled with the “no” sign with a picture of two men holding hands?

The recent Charlotte fundraising dinner of the Human Rights Campaign, which aggressively works against traditional family values and calls those who support only male-female marriage “extremists,” was sponsored by Bank of America, Wachovia, Duke Energy, the Charlotte Observer, IBM, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Audi, Food Lion, Sir Speedy Press, and others?

In Boise, Idaho, an employee of Hewlett Packard was fired for posting Bible verses on his cubicle in response to a pro-homosexual poster that was placed near his workspace?

A businessman in California received a $150,000 fine – and lost his business – because he fired a man who wore a dress?

Major US companies are under pressure to provide special bathroom privileges for those undergoing sex-change operations?

San Francisco gay pride marches feature groups such as “Dykes on Bikes,” some of whom ride topless celebrating “nipple freedom,” men walking entirely naked except for their shoes, and the anti-Catholic group Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence (men in drag dressed as nuns, performing simulated sexual acts)?

Many college campuses designate April as “Gaypril,” flying the rainbow flag the entire month?

A Gay and Lesbian website for Yale University, a school famous for its revivals in the 1700 and 1800’s, boasts that, “In the over three hundred years since its founding, Yale has educated and been home to some of the most prominent queer scholars, activists, and artists in the nation’s history”?

Oberlin College, once led by Charles Finney, holds an annual “Transgender Awareness Week,” an event created to “celebrate Oberlin College’s queer community,” culminating with the annual Drag Ball?

According to an official statement from the Oberlin Student housing association, it will be “abandoning all references to biological sex [i.e., male and female] and instead will use self-identified categories of gender in all internal and external paperwork”?

Five-year old children in Lexington, MA were sent home from their kindergarten class with a “Diversity Bag,” including a book with pictures of same-sex couples?

The San Francisco Unified School Policy passed a ruling that, “Transgender students shall not be forced to use the locker room corresponding to their gender assigned at birth”?

More than 100,000 students nationwide participated in the 2005 Annual Day of Silence to “draw attention to the widespread oppression and persecution of gays and lesbians”?

Homosexual scholars meeting at the 2004 American Academy of Religion conference presented papers on topics such as: “Ecstatic Communion: The Spiritual Dimensions of Leathersexuality”; “Oh, Daddy! God, Dominance/Submission, and Christian Sacramentality and Spirituality” (in which God is depicted as the dominant partner in a sadomasochistic bondage act); “The Transvestite Christ”; and “Trinitarian Tango” (in which the Trinity is depicted as an example of polygamous love)?

Almost all the major goals set by homosexual activists in the 1980’s have already been realized – and this is only the beginning?
(All the above material has been excerpted from Michael L. Brown, A Queer Thing Happened to America: How a Stealth Agenda is Changing Our Nation, forthcoming.)

The Coalition of Conscience is a network of Christian leaders and believers, currently based in the greater Charlotte, North Carolina area, who are working together for moral and cultural change through the gospel.

Dr. Michael L. Brown is the Director of the Coalition and serves as its voice to the local and national community.


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