Friday, April 14, 2006

The Blood of Jesus

I just read an article in "Christianity Today'. The article was very disturbing. It stated that more and more "evangelical" Christians think that we need not center on the atonment side of the cross but rather we should just focus on the incarnate Christ. How ridiculous is that. Without the realization of what Jesus did for us on the cross, and the meaning of His shed blood, one can not have salvation. It is all about the blood of Jesus. Without the blood there would be no forgiveness of sins. The article suggested that some think the discussion of the cross is too gruesome. The truth is, it was gruesome. It wasn't pretty. Jesus was beaten, bloody, spit on. He did all of this for us, so that we may live. To not talk about the cross and what Jesus did would be trying to create our own Gospel. It must all be about the cross. Thank you Jesus that you died and rose again. You conquered death and the grave. You rose again and are alive today. You are coming back again!


peppylady said...

I wrote on blood of Jesus. But I have a little different look on it. I think sometime we put to much on the blood of the cross not enough on teaching of Jesus

It is All About Jesus said...

Jesus shed blood on the cross is the whole basis for the New Testament. You must read the whole Bible to really understand the significance of it. The law was given in the old testament and in order to receive forgiveness of sins an animal had to be sacrificed. (the blood) The law showed us that no one could ever be perfect or go without sin. Jesus came and was spotless (He never sinned) Jesus' blood was the final sacrifice for the forgiveness of sins. His blood and the cross do not give one the right to practice sin. To practice it and do it are two different things. If one truly loves God and has accepted Jesus as their Savior, they should not want to sin. We must talk about the blood and the cross because it is the basis for the entire gospel message. Merely being a good person does not get someone to heaven. One must recognize their sin and need for a savior. They must recognize that Jesus died and rose so that their sins can be forgiven.