Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Prayer Does Work

This quote by Oliver Burkeman in New York Saturday April 1, 2006 The Guardian

"If a religious person offers to pray for you next time you fall ill, you may wish politely to ask them not to bother. The largest scientific study into the health effects of prayer seems to suggest it may make matters worse.
Two-thirds of Americans and more than a quarter of British people say they pray regularly, but the study, which took almost a decade and cost $2.4m (£1.4m) suggested that they may be wasting their time. It found that patients undergoing heart surgery did no better when they were prayed for by people unknown to them than those who received no prayers. But 59% of those patients who were told they were definitely being prayed for developed complications, compared with 52% of those who had been told it was just a possibility."

This is so absolutely ridiculous. I am hear to say that prayer does work! God answers my prayers. We prayed for our dying daughter in the hospital and she lived! The doctor's said she would probably never walk or talk. We prayed, and she is 6 years old, never stops talking and loves to dance. She had a feeding tube, the doctor's said she may never eat normal. We prayed, all she does is eat...nonstop! She had brain damage, visible on a cat scan. We prayed... guess what? The brain damamge is gone! NO ONE can tell me prayer doesn't work. God is still in the business of answering prayers. I bet if those who did this study were in a plane getting ready to crash, they would be yelling..."OH God! Help."

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