Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Churchianity VS. Christianity

Churchianity - We dress up on Sunday, dust off
our Bible, put on a smile and go
"act righteous" for an hour or so. Christianity - We go to church on fire, we have been in God's presence every day all week long.

Churchianity - We turn our noses up to the "not
so nicely dressed" , unbathed man
who walks into church; all the
while hoping he doesn't sit by us. Christianity - We welcome him with open arms and hearts. He is overwhelmed with the love that he feels for the first time in his life.

Churchianity - We are an army that kills and injures our
own. (with gossip and backbiting) Christianity- When we see a hurting or injured fellow soldier, we pray for them.

Churchianity- We all want to be in charge
and be the head. Christianity- We realize that we are a body, and each part is important no matter how small.

Churchianity- We make sure we "bless" the
food before we eat. (This is the
only prayers we mutter all week long.)
Christianity- We fervently pray. Prayer is a way of life. We know that it changes things.

Churchianity- We run our own lives, only calling
on God when the car breaks down or we get a little sick.
Christianity- We seek the face of God concerning His will for our lives and follow with obedience.

Churchianity- Miracles?,Healing? Yeah, we read about it once.
Christianity- The church is operating in the same power of Acts chapter 2. Signs and wonders are a normal thing.

Churchianity- We need the latest and greatest programs to get people to come.
Christianity- The people are drawn by the tangible presence of God. They know us by our love.

Churchianity- Can't remember the last time someone came to the altar to get saved.
Christianity- Adding to the numbers daily, people crying out in repentance.

Churchianity- We don't share the gospel for fear of offending someone.
Christianity- We realize we are all called to spread the gospel and that the world is full of lost and dying souls. We are not ashamed of the gospel.


Spiritual StarScaper said...

I really like this post - it's a good reminder that there's way too much head and not enough heart going on in the church, and human ego where Jesus' glory and reign should be! Let's break from man-made institutions and be the church we are meant to be - the very Body of Christ, loving God with all we are and loving others as ourselves!

Anonymous said...

Great post-It really puts into perspective that our quest should be for relationship with Jesus and not hiding behind the facade of looking the part of a Christian and denying the power of Christ.