Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Free Speech For Pastors

You Can Give Back Free Speech To Your Pastor

Your pastor has been prevented from speaking out on moral and political issues for the past fifty years. If he or she does speak out, they risk losing your church’s tax-exempt status. Congressman Walter B. Jones (R-NC) has introduced a bill in Congress; HR235, the Houses of Worship Free Speech Restoration Act, which would restore the freedom of speech that was ripped from the churches in 1954, and would allow the church to resume its rightful place as a godly influence on the greatest country on earth.
“This legislation goes beyond party lines and theological debates. We must not allow a government institution to have this kind of chilling effect over America's churches." - U.S. Representative Walter Jones
Our Founding Fathers fully intended for the church to influence the running of the country. In fact a large number of these men were pastors themselves. And yet we, as Christians, have sat back and allowed our voice to be silenced without so much as a shout of protest. The time to start fighting back is now.
The Houses of Worship Free Speech Restoration Act would eliminate the intimidation tactics of the IRS and allow churches to once again address political issues from the pulpit. It would give pastors back the right to talk about moral issues that cross over into the political realm, such as abortion, without fear of the church being sued or harassed or even losing its tax-exempt status. It would also allow pastors to once again endorse godly candidates and give their congregation updates on bills that affect the moral climate of our country.
What YOU can do to help!
Please contact your member of Congress and ask them to support HR235, the Houses of Worship Free Speech Restoration Act and return our pastors' freedom of speech. We fully expect this legislation to pass this year, but it will take you contacting your members of Congress to make it happen. When those in office hear from the people on an issue like this it affects how they vote. If our members of Congress realize how important free speech in our nation’s churches is to you, then they will take action.
You can write or email your member of Congress by entering your zip code where indicated. Please follow the guidelines when contacting your members of Congress. Also you may reach your member of Congress through the Capitol Hill switchboard. The phone number is (202) 224-3121.

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Anonymous said...

I like your blog generally, but isn't what is said here at odds with the church we read of in Acts? They would gladly die or go to jail for Christ, as in fact some do now in other parts of the world.
So the IRS takes away the tax-free status. So what. So the church is sued or harassed. So what. Whatever is lost God will make good. We must stand for truth no matter what the cost.