Monday, May 22, 2006

" Your fear will set the limits of the effectiveness of the Gospel through you."

I heard this quote while I was watching television last night. I did not get to catch the name of the preacher, but thought that it was a powerful statement. To often we let fear of man keep us from sharing the truth of God's word. We often are afraid that we might offend someone or they may think we are crazy.
If you were to go to the doctors and you needed to know what was wrong, would you want him to keep the truth of a terminal illness from you just because he did not want to upset you? Of course not! Why then are we afraid to warn people of the effects of sin and the very real chance of spending eternity in hell if they do not receive Jesus as their Savior? So what if they think you are a little crazy. If you tell them the truth, it is off of your shoulders. The choice is then up to them. Nowhere did Jesus say that all would receive the Gospel. He just gave us all the great commission to spread the Gospel. He said He would make us fishers of men. You may not catch a fish every time you cast, but with persistence you will eventually real in a big one. Don't let fear stand in your way!

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